Naphtali McKenly, known by most as “Naph”, is an international creative, working out of Toronto and New York City. With a background in film and television production (having obtained an honors degree from Humber College), each project he touches effortlessly brings simple thoughts to beautifully visual stories.

Influenced by fashion photography, his career started with Toronto-based publications Think Contra, and Toro Magazines. Rubbing elbows with the city’s booming creatives, he quickly transitioned from resident cameraman to the publications’ preferred editorial photographer. Working with local and international celebrities including Canadian pop singer Lights, Carley Rae Jepsen, American Indie pop duo Phantogram, and rapper A$AP Rocky.

Moving to New York in 2010 to continue his creative journey, Naph has produced videos and other visual content for the founders of American Two Shot, Reed Space, NYFW, and more. Excited for the future, the creative can be reached at NAPHTALI@NAPHTALIMCKENLY.COM