He’s tall. For that alone he stands out in a crowd of snapbacks, tailored button downs and fitted jeans. But don’t let the new school uniform fool you. Behind that easy smile is a creative mind, constantly seeking out his best angles, better lighting, the perfect picture.

Naphtali McKenly is the photographic wave of the future. With a background in film and television production (Naphtali earned his diploma from Humber College, where he graduated with honors in 2008) Naph is poised to take the fashion world by storm.

Naphtali began his career in the industry when he signed on to work with Toronto-based fashion, art, and culture publications Think Contra Magazine and Toro Magazine where he regularly rubbed elbows with Toronto’s elite.

Thanks to this exposure to some of the city’s top designers, and naming photographers like Yu Tsai and Terry Richardson among his list of greatest influences, the world of fashion unfurled before Naph, and kindled his desire to bring his own vision to life. He quickly transitioned from resident cameraman to full-fledged editorial photographer.

Through Think Contra, Toro, and various other projects, Naphtali has been able to explore his creativity through still photography and film. He has also had the pleasure of working with local and international celebrities, including Canadian pop singer Lights, Carley Rae Jepsen, American Indie pop duo Phantogram, and rapper A$AP Rocky, to name a few.

A simple dude from Toronto with great ambitions to travel the world, every experience is an opportunity to grow, and Napthali has his sights on the stars.